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Hello and welcome,
I am Labeautyqueenana born in Cameroon. I am an aspiring bilingual entrepreneur (I also speak French). On My blog, I share my interests and passion. While blogging I found it to be therapeutic but there was still something missing. After numerous reflections and analyses; I figured my finances were not on track. That was my major setback. Therefore, for the past 3 years, I decided to embark on a financial journey. I tested so many strategies I came across and now feel that I have gained some experience. I found a plan that works for me. The goal is for my strategies to help you embark on your financial journey and succeed. I managed to save/invest ~50K in under 4 years, paid off my car, while still able to give monthly. And no, you don’t need to make six figures to win with money. The only thing left is attacking my school loans. The goal for my finance blog posts and eBooks is to show how you can win with money without borrowing credit. Without owning a credit card. That’s right I no longer own a credit card as of 1.5 years ago. And I must say it is freeing. I no longer want to continue my financial journey alone. I want you to join me. In French, they say “l’union fait la force”. And that could not be more accurate. As a community, we will build more momentum, exchange ideas, and experiences, and achieve the impossible financially. My dream is to be a millionaire by 50 and retire as early as possible to truly enjoy life and fulfill my ultimate goal as an entrepreneur. I know we can do it. So why don’t you join the team by using my $0 based budget intentionally? I have used this $0 based budget for the past 3 years. It has transformed my life. I promise you will never look back.

Moreover, I hope for my platform to be a place of relaxation where we can forget about the day-to-day stress factors just for a little while as we chat and share ideas & experiences. I film videos and provide reviews on anything I feel would benefit my viewers. There are no limits as long as it is appropriate! I started on this journey in June 2016 and posted my first video on YouTube. May I share that I did everything wrong? I saw zero to no growth. The jealousy and social media bullying I received from fake/close female friends did not help either. I eventually shut down my social media and almost gave up! Thanks to a few great people who encouraged me not to give up because they could see the joy it brought me; I decided to start a blog as a refresher on December 24, 2018, and is hoping for a better outcome. As I update this new blog weekly; I invite you to provide feedback or suggestions on any products of interest for upcoming reviews. I’ll do my best to fulfill the inquiry. Lastly, the main message here is to acquire the best quality with quantity in life at an affordable price.
I now consider my channel to be more lifestyle. As I grow, my interests change, and my channel does reflect such. I love makeup, wigs, hair extensions, and all things beauty; but with the Instagram movement, I DECIDED to wear a more subtle look to enhance my natural features and to promote embracing one’s inner beauty. The goal is to alleviate the stress/pressure and increasing suicidal rates young girls face today to look like a “baddie”. I chose to no longer partake in that movement. Less is more. I will still share makeup/hair content, but it will be the crème de la crème if it makes it on the platform! You will also notice my feminine journey glow through my aura, energy, the products, tools, advice, and lifestyle hacks shared. I am also a mom, and running a household is not easy. Indeed, you will also find content for the home, cooking, motherhood, etc… I love finance but chose not to share the content here as it will be overwhelming, but please do feel free to chat on the topic, I believe I am pretty good at it. Indeed, I love a good bargain and enjoy sharing all the deals, sales, discounts, promotions and coupons I find for the best and trending products on the market. Lastly, travelling is another passion of mine and so please checkout out my Pinterest or Instagram for more details. In all, I do advise you to be intentional when watching my content, these are just my suggestions, take time with your shopping/wishlist; pay cash, and don’t be in competition. The goal is to practice mindfulness in all, take care of our mental health, and understand “slow and steady wins the race”.
I hope for my platform to be a place of relaxation where we can forget about the day-to-day stress factors just for a little while as we chat and share ideas & experiences. I film videos and provide reviews on anything I feel would benefit my viewers. I invite you to provide feedback or suggestions. I’ll do my best to fulfill the inquiry. Lastly, the main message here is to acquire the best quality with quantity in life at an affordable price. You will be a PRO at shopping intentionally without crowding your space!

Career & Education – I am LaBeautyQueenANA, a Health care professional with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Psychology & and a Bachelor of Sciences (BS) in Biology. I obtained my graduate degree in December 2022 from, the School of Pharmacy, MCPHS. I am an Intentional Digital Creator. I am an aspiring AfroPreneur. I enjoy blogging about all things beauty, lifestyle, and finance. Visualizing, soon enough she may be called Dr. T., PhD ♡
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Help me support the less fortunate in Cameroun and eventually as many countries in Africa. I help the less fortunate in Africa via my charity. See how you can support me. More details: 👑MY Charity ~ https://labeautyqueenana.com/the-labeautyqueenana-foundation/
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I truly dislike the cancel culture and cutting out people from your life unnecessarily to live your best life motto. Watch this video at timestamp 24:35 to understand how I feel about relationships and forgiveness in this crazy world that we live in. https://youtu.be/2XC5ppzg45o?si=jilQAeG6g9qJU78_
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“He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6).

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