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Gazelle Intense & Intentional Life Coach♡

1-on-1 Session Duration: 1 Hour


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Taking butter out of the fridge and waiting for it to soften has always been a pet peeve of mine especially when kids are involved ! |No more stress! How I Keep My Butter 🧈 Always Fresh and Soft | Butter Dish for Spreadable Soft Butter | Butter Keeper Crock | No More Cold & Hard Butter ♡

Body care haul for a perfect smell good hygiene routine with skin BUTTR |This is the best body butter I’ve tried so far | That glow on your skin is unmatched | The product melts into your skin effortlessly |The scents last ♾️ forever| The body scrubs are heavy duty and such I use once every other week I use softer body scrubs more frequently ♡

This is my new portable and travel friendly content creator Tech gadget | UBeesize 10″ Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder | Dimmable Desktop LED Circle Light |Compatible with iOS and Android Phones | Stocking Stuffers | Intentional Product Reviews | Gift Ideas | Travel Essentials♡


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