WET N WILD PhotoFocus Concealer

WET N WILD PhotoFocus Concealer

WET N WILD PhotoFocus Concealer
   *The claims
Here’s your favorite beauty junkie’s best-kept secret to flawless skin: Conceal to reveal! Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Concealer hides blemishes, scars or last night’s misdeeds to reveal near-perfect skin. Look luminously radiant even if you haven’t slept a wink. PhotoFocus Concealer instantly brightens so you are always selfie-ready. So no worries, STAY WILD and we always have your back with this lightweight buildable coverage that never tells.
A panel of women were tested in a controlled environment simulating seven different lighting scenarios with professionally applied foundation, concealer and powder. Each subject took their own selfies using a top smart phone model and gave us the REAL!
More than 7 out of 10 women surveyed claimed there was no photo flashback in their selfies!
Delivers lightweight, buildable coverage to conceal imperfections, dark spots and blemishes
*La beautyqueenana’s Verdict
I have normal to dry skin and this concealer works. The formula is geared towards normal to dry skin since it provides a luminously radiant finish.
It is also suitable for all skin types. It has a substantial shade range.
Please note that most concealers sink into my fine lines and so that I cannot use against this concealer. Today I used the color Med/Deep Tan for a bright under eye highlight. I can also use Dark Cocoa for a natural finish. It is buildable to full coverage. I did not experience any creasing or caking up and it does last long up to 13 hours day tested. It does give a natural finish under the eye. It is lightweight, creamy and blend-able. I prefer to apply my concealers with a brush to acquire maximum coverage. The beauty blender/sponges generally soak up too much product and this is not a full coverage concealer to begin with. I typically don’t apply foundation under my eye area and for this reason I need the concealers to get to work lol! This is my way of testing the concealers to full capacity.  
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Luke 15:10 
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