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49 sitting 99 standing oh my God o
I get money before no be property o 🤷🏽‍♀️

One thing is exercising is a must, irrespective of being a money chaser lol. and so I dance always, especially when I forget to do my daily jump rope routine which I find to be the best all-around work out by the way if you want to be contoured and snatched to the Gods. 

what I have learned is to do what works for you with intentionality. there is no sense in keeping clothes in m closet any longer that I may not use in 30 plus days. I mean that is another way to save and make money. I declutter monthly and sell what I can and invest back in myself. the clutter is no good for my mental space and so I challenge you to revisit your closet as an option to maximize income. what I love are bodysuits and high-waisted leggings/jeggings. and it defines my shape. what more can I ask for? shop this outfit on my blog. the link below and in my bio. and in fact, accessories are so versatile. I’ve come to love them so much and so I invite you to visit my shop and see what goods will change your mood today! remember the future depends on what you do today. so be intentional with your decisions!

P.S. I also sell the chains on  my waist! The best accessories for so many reason. I will share the reasons in future blog posts. Stay tuned.

Did you know you can also print your logos and shirts with me. For now I only take pre-made designs! 😉


. Motto: we can all win! Let’s get this money! 

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