Will Smith forced by the academy to apologize to Chris Rock FOR A SLAP TO HIS FACE in hopes that his Oscars may not be revoked for using acts of violence to assault a fellow black man?

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Dear friends and family 

I have been off Instagram due to unfortunate series of life events! 

However, this moment in history deserves a quick come back as my voice may remind  1 or more black men that this is what they expect of us! 

They don’t even have to say or do much because eventually, we will do it to ourselves!

Imagine that no security intervened. As a matter of fact, Mr. Smith was allowed to then sit back down and continue to then verbally assault another black man with curse words? This would never be allowed otherwise in any other setting. 

Understand this:
3 things to degrade a black men
1-spit on him
2-slap in a face – I did not say Punch. I said slap! 
3 – Call him the N-word!

As POC we fight harder and especially for black men in the free world and this is how we want to be remembered at the height of our career? 
And we don’t want to be held accountable?
it’s always the devil? 
So God doesn’t love Chris even if he sinned?
Is that what the “so-called apology” at the academy by Will insinuates? 

I’ve always had empathy for my black men especially, and past content reflects such!

I do not condone violence of any kind!!!!  Especially having Been a victim of such in the past I have much reference to such despicable acts of violence against human life! Although l admire Mr. Will Smith for his impeccable achievements, He was OUT OF ORDER!
As Iyanla Vanzant would preach in an effort to restore peace! 

This story hits too close to home given that I can identify with both parties!

Assault and battery or any form of violence is against the law and will never EARN you respect. 
Very different from self-defense which is allowed if being assaulted or if there is an immediate threat to physically harm an individual!

If we are all allowed to abuse others because of opposite views or because people are ignorant as in this case sounds like Chris may have been; then how do we protect our children and ourselves from the violence, which can lead to war as we see in Ukraine

And for the black community, this consistently sends the wrong message. ….I feel like some black women and others are praising Will thinking he was fighting for black women and all who suffer from alopecia, and also feel that he was standing up for the black community but I think otherwise. This was a personal choice by Will to respond to the attacks and trolls and bullying he has endured over the years. This could also be a personal matter against Chris. The Oscars was the opportune time to settle it once and for all according to Will’s actions. Protecting the black culture or his wife or alopecia survivors was not his aim, that’s just ME!

Black men reflect and remember behind closed doors when they now have to cast that vote, make no mistakes why we wonder how come we never reach the level of: 

Elon Musk.
Jeff Bezos.
Bernard Arnault.
Bill Gates.
Larry Page.
Warren Buffett.
Sergey Brin.
Steve Ballmer.

.. that’s because when it comes down to it, this type of image is a liability and despite race, no one would want to associate with it and that is a fair assumption in my opinion. 

As a black woman who suffers from traction alopecia which I’ve also posted about in the past, I would have called for my husband to redeem himself and get off stage and advised my husband to double down with a response during his oscar speech or a day after!
That would have been memorable, efficient, impactful, and everlasting. 

One of the reasons I don’t blog as much is actually due to constant bullying from black women. Not to say other races don’t bully some of my posts, but it was predominately black women! I was also bullied by black women because of my traction alopecia. Please see past posts to support this claim, but I didn’t resort to violence although I was deeply affected by the atrocious comments.
Black men cannot carry this sanction alone, women do it more in my opinion.

With that said Mr. Rock I don’t believe truly realized that Jayda had alopecia. And it’s also not uncommon for black women or Jayda to shave their heads due to preference and not necessarily a medical condition. I truly believe it was an honest mistake on his end. I have to play the devil’s advocate to be fair. I know some are not fans of the comedian but I don’t believe he would be this malicious and Insensitive at the #oscars at that because that also affects his image, family, and money. Even if Chris had to learn a lesson, assaulting him made things worse.

Seems to me like a personal vendetta has been a long time coming to teach Chris a lesson for his past comments I suppose towards back women and it has to come into fruition and was realized live by will smith. Not acting, this was in real-time. 

Will could have addressed this privately! given that he first laughed at the joke and then did a complete 360 once he saw the look on Jayda’s face. Will’s Issue is internal. This can’t be healthy. You don’t need to be a psychologist to acknowledge that another human being should not control your actions and emotions with such gravity. DAMN!

Whether it’s a personal agenda with personal motives from will due to the complaints by black people speaking negatively around will about Chris, or to defend his wife or to fight for the women struggling with alopecia; his actions should be condemned and not be rewarded immediately With an Oscar although well deserved followed by a standing ovation from the audience. 

The notion of everybody hates Chris was confirmed by none other than the black community. Who would have thought, although not surprised that the leader undeniably another well respected and accomplished black man would be -Will Smith to seal the deal and finish the mission. 

Chris is almost elderly! He shared in 2020 that he suffers from a disability and Will may not be aware because if Will was aware and smacked him knowingly, then I ask where do we go from here?
Is it possible that Chris was also not aware that jayda had alopecia?
My point again is that communication and therapy are key!

Will does not realize even in the villages in Africa which may never make it onto any world map and other third world counties, we grew up watching will and admired him.  His impact is major and people may not know  Chris as well but your entourage can get you caught up and you may forget the notion that your purpose is bigger than the acceptance of another human being and thus can cost you to lose focus and perhaps everything you worked so hard to accomplish as you may start to forget people are looking up to you given your status as a public figure.  

Tough place to be as a public figure. I understand that they are also humans but this is what comes with the territory. it is not fair, but life isn’t fair.

Ladies and gentlemen, please choose your entourage, how you choose to introduce yourself to the world, and as well as choose your life partner wisely! 

Someone, please check on #chrisrock. All my blessings as the whole world seem to think the victim is rather #willsmith the aggressor. How funny only in America can you assault a black man publicly and the victim is ignored and the aggressor is praised and consoled! What is the world coming to?

Now you can check out my blog post on my website for my in-depth analysis as Instagram does not allow transparency. 

The level of comfort with his ego on a hundred-thousand-Trillin lol and then he proceeds to sit back down and curse and that is allowed because he’s a-list elite will smith.
No thank you!

For your ego to take over you in that manner is dangerous and disturbing. As though he was so powerful cause he knew nothing would happen especially cause he did it to a black man. He knew no one would care and there would be no consequences. Try that elsewhere or even Early on in his career and he would have been arrested even without pressing charges because it was public and on video. for a second, I believe Will forgot he was a black man, a slap to the face? Sounds like privilege.

The act was a clear narcissistic act and he actually believed he was right and he was fighting for whatever “just cause” he cried about and deflected so we can’t see his dark side. We all fault as humans actually admitting he was weak and it took the best of him would show humility but no he had to prove his manhood! Well Damn! absolute displacement of anger and 

NOOOO Chris is not the reason for Your troubles Mr. Smith.

Sounds to me like deeper mental issues perhaps and he snapped as he may be overwhelmed by the course of events inflicted upon him by the actions of his Wife which they have chosen as a family to make their lives and intimate lives public which means FAIR USE. Freedom of speech. 

You can’t control the actions of others but your own.

Will smith thought he was king Richards or Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson or Francis nganou For a second. omg it’s a little entertaining for just a millisecond. Could the acting alongside all of the drama in the past 3 years lead to Dissociative Identity Disorder or is Will using this tactic as an excuse to run FREE? 

Reminder please check your EGO no matter how blessed or successful you become and come back down to earth or else it will cost you and your legacy big time. Some may rebound and bounce back, others will wallow in their Misery. Choose wisely. 

If someone ever wonders how to win in life as I consider myself a warrior, I’ve overcome so much! My response to you is to take a look at Chris’s response after the assault, his body language, level of vulnerability, he then quickly wanted to respond but then rerouted himself eloquently and said the show must go on. 

Ladies and gentlemen if you can remove Chris from the incident for a second but take away the message his response sends to the world and not just black men alone and apply that attitude in all conflicts and hardships you face in your life, especially in a professional setting, I guarantee you will WIN and EXCEL.  

Now self-defense is allowed but only if you are assaulted and the fact Chris chose not to fight back or press charges is beyond me. I’m still shocked and traumatized for him and will need time to digest this event. Chris remembered his roots and chose the code which is the high road and not the street code (whatever that means and doesn’t seem to be helping black people given this incident). The code he chose is to elevate our men and so I applaud him.  

The code to me I feel Chris remembered is how far we have come and it’s not given to all black men to reach this height. 2 wealthy black men as leaders and moguls. I can’t fight back like a barbarian! Let me show them we still have some sense and let me respectfully humble myself and take this HIT! And no charges press at that! Wow, this is immaculate! 

That could have been my brother, son, cousin, friend, family member and so I have empathy for Chris. 

Right, wrong or indifferent- black men, men, or any individual, in general, do not deserve to be assaulted.

Enough of our men are incarcerated or have been in the prison system, or are still back and forth in the prison system. We do not need to send the message that more men are needed in prison. 

Indeed Chris deserves more than a public apology and I’m glad Will was advised to do so forcefully although it should have also been done at the #oscars #academyawards. I don’t believe Will feels any remorse as of yet (maybe he will down the road) and only apologised to save his reputation. I say this because he did so 24 hours later. I would have sympathized if Will had done so at the Oscars even if he was not genuine, In all, nothing Will can do to redeem himself towards Chris, he ripped Chris of his manhood and dignity publicly. I feel it’s best for both to stay apart. It is what it is. Forgive but don’t Forget and wish Will all the best.

I did not know I would be so affected by this event. It breaks my soul each time I see the video replayed on social media.

Perhaps money can be paid to Chris which he can use to establish campaigns to bring awareness to mental health, violence, unity, etc…or even to support comedy.

Remember if you say nothing, choosing indifference to save face relays that you stand in agreement! be wise! this was a pivotal moment and it signifies that the black community is in critical condition, and we must unite.

Should we be objective or subjective to our past experiences at the expense of assault? Everyone’s truth, beliefs, Philosophy, religion, or past trauma aren’t excuses for violence. This is why I encourage therapy In the black community. We want to handle it all on our own, especially our men, and be so strong until it blows up and controls us! What if Chris lost his life and was seriously injured? We are stigmatized or made fun of for seeking therapy?

With that said I will align & stand by a black man with an intentional vision. Men choose your queen wisely, please.
Ladies, the role you play is vital. Be a woman of integrity so that your partner may choose to defend responsibly.

Thank you for your time! 
Peace & Love & Unity
Yours truly, 

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