ULTA Full Coverage Liquid Concealer

ULTA Full Coverage Liquid Concealer

👇🏾Beautykings🤴🏾& Beautyqueens👸🏽✨ 
ULTA Full Coverage Liquid Concealer
   *The claims
This lightweight, creamy and super blend-able formula offers full coverage, flawless matte finish. The ULTA Full Coverage Liquid concealer contains special ingredients known to promote healing, concealing imperfections, and evening skin tone. Our formula wears beautifully, doesn’t cake or crease and offers long lasting wear.
Aloe vera, chamomile green tea, and tea tree oil are natural ingredients that help heal and reduce redness and inflammation all while preventing infection when concealing
Formulated as gluten free, paraben free, sulfate free, and fragrance free
Suitable for all skin types
Full coverage, matte finish
*La beautyqueenana’s Verdict
I have normal to dry skin and this concealer works. The formula is geared towards oily skin. It is matte to my knowledge but not drying. Any skin type can use it of course. I use the color deep warm although I believe the color is too light. I have yet to find a perfect match for highlighting in this range. It is buildable to full coverage. I did not experience any creasing or caking up and it does last long up to 13 hours day tested. It does give a natural finish under the eye. I usually buy it when ULTA offers buy two get two free on top of any additional coupons. What a bargain. It is lightweight, creamy and blend-able. I prefer to apply my concealers with a brush to acquire maximum coverage. The beauty blender/sponges generally soak up too much product and this is not a full coverage concealer to begin with. I typically don’t apply foundation under my eye area and for this reason I need the concealers to get to work lol! This is my way of testing the concealers to full capacity. I must admit I didn’t enjoy this product at all at first. I have grown to love it and I recommend it.
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Luke 15:10 
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